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Jul 6, 2020
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Jul 8, 1977 (Age: 43)
Worth, IL

Kassidy Rose ni DaiShan t' al'Kalin

43, from Worth, IL

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Jul 6, 2020
    1. Noreaan Galeyor
      Noreaan Galeyor
      I have registered with the site but it does not say the name of the artist to which the picture belongs. I am going to use it anyway as they have a note on the website saying that the images should not be used for commercial purposes and profit.
      Thank you for your time :)
    2. Noreaan Galeyor
      Noreaan Galeyor
    3. Noreaan Galeyor
      Noreaan Galeyor
    4. Noreaan Galeyor
      Noreaan Galeyor
      Thanks for the welcome! I was wondering if you could help me with my avatar...??
    5. Stephanos al Klerikos
      Stephanos al Klerikos
      Thanks for your reply! Are there a lot of folks that are on both TV.net and TAS?
    6. Aerysaine Draegborn
      Aerysaine Draegborn
      Hey there Kass!

      The link for the citizen application isn't working. I am wanting to apply for citizenship since I hit my 25 posts. :) How can I do that?

    7. Aerysaine Draegborn
      Aerysaine Draegborn

      Thanks for the welcome and I am already working towards those 25 posts. :) Glad you like the Avatar. :) I look forward to getting to know you all better!

      Take care!
    8. Jade Bel' Garter
      Jade Bel' Garter
      Thank you for welcome! The 1st might have gotten lost when they gave me last name.
    9. Dorian Rei
      Dorian Rei
      Thank you! :D
    10. Chadouken

      I'm new here, and I have a quick question- What does the light bulb symbol in front of a thread mean? I looked in the Ask the Tower FAQ and didn't see anything on it, but I also didn't feel the question deserves it's own thread if someone could give me a quick answer via message :p


    11. Karliah Asbjorn
      Karliah Asbjorn
      Thank you so much for your awesome visitor message! I'm definitely looking into citizenship once I get a few more posts in. I can't wait to see how many new amazing friends this forum brings me :)
    12. Jessibelle Coralis
      Jessibelle Coralis
      Thank you. I'm in my fourth quarter now and am doing well. I love working with cats over everyone else. I'm getting more use to posting on the boards..
    13. Morvath al'Aeren
      Morvath al'Aeren
      Hi Kass! Thanks for the welcome! I am def enjoying this place!

      I do actually have a question...this Big White Book (BWB) that everyone keeps talking about..is it this book? http://www.amazon.com/World-Robert-Jordans-Wheel-Hardcover/dp/0312862199/ref=sr_1_22?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1367212500&sr=1-22&keywords=Wheel+of+time

      I ask because I don't know of any other reference books for WoT. I own this one and have read it several times yet some quotes from people on here I don't recognize!

      Thanks for the help!

      May you always find water and shade,

    14. Ayrk Dured
      Ayrk Dured
      Thank you for the welcome! I am trying to get the hang of navigating the site. I have not really used a site that is similar to this one before, so it will take some getting used to. I am looking forward to meeting new friends and lots of fellow WoT fans!
    15. Aleyna Kay'merin
      Aleyna Kay'merin
      Hello Kass!

      Thank you for the warm welcome and the advice. I have indeed filled out the application for citizenship, and am eagerly awaiting elevation to the next step in this wonderful journey! I also look forward to getting to know you and the others around here better! As I understand it, I can freely change my avatar until I enter the tower, so long as I post the change on the appropriate thread. After that, I will have to request permission? I am not sure if my current one truly 'reflects' what I want it to, and I'm in search of a different one (and an artist who will give me permission). ^^

      Thanks again,
    16. Chadouken
      Hi Kass!

      Thanks for the welcome! I'm going to get to my avatar this weekend when I have a little more free time (without my boss looking at work :p). I would eventually like to make Citizen status, but it will likely take a while. That's ok, though, I just started TSR on my second read-through and time is definitely something I have!

    17. Eccadairius
      Well, i have to say I am doing well. My hand is well again and the therapy is over (Thank God for that). The therapy drained me and I lost sight of things over the last year.
      That included the reading too. I am back reading, I'll be in Book two of the Wheel of Time in about a month. :)
    18. Mendo Cath
      Mendo Cath
      Thanks Kass! I did reach 25 and submitted my application and got a responce.

      I look forward to catching up with everyone more in the near future!
    19. Irinia Argyvni
      Irinia Argyvni
      Thanks for the welcome Kass!:)
      I read the membership manual before I joined and I'm going to apply for Citizenship as soon as I reach the 25 posts!!!
    20. Kavindra Mathura
      Kavindra Mathura
      haha Yeah I have a bad habit of falling asleep with books. And yeah, Nynaeve is by far my favorite character, so being compared to her is a total compliment for me. Haha

      Oh, thanks! I read through the Green and Yellow's, but I may read over the others just in case. I'm still torn between the two Ajah's, but I think once I get accepted as a Citizen and can go to the classes, it'll be easier to decide :)

      Thanks for the help Kass! I can't wait to be accepted as a citizen!
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    Jul 8, 1977 (Age: 43)
    Worth, IL
    I love to read books !! sometimes shoot Pool . hang out with my Friends and Family .. and so much ..


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