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  • Nessa! :D We the Welcoming Committee officially (and slightly belatedly :look:) welcome you back to our community.

    I strongly advise that you read the Membership Manual, at least the parts that concern your rank at first. That, as well as the stickied threads in the boards you visit should explain enough. If not, the Welcoming Committee is always here if you need any questions answered.

    I understand that a lot of things have changed, but you do not need to hesitate to ask if something is unclear. That's why we're here. :) Now, once you are a Citizen, you will have many more forums opened up, as well as the option of Private Messages. You are already set to send in an application for Citizenship to the Mayor - once you reach 25 posts.

    Welcome back to Tar Valon! We are very happy to have you. :joy

    There is a link in the Introduction forum with Friendly faces . They all are here for any questions . I am always here if you have any questions. There is also a Welcome Committee and they are to greet new members . :D

    Talk soon,
    Welcome back to the site, Nessa!

    I want to introduce myself . I am Kassidy Sedai the Mayor of Tar Valon. (Kass for short)

    If you have any questions, or just want to chat, feel free to message me!
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