You love the world of the Wheel of Time. You dream of being an Aes Sedai or a Warder, but you do not wish to simply assign yourself one of these titles - you want to be deserving of it, to earn it and wear it with dignity and honor, as a member of a true brotherhood or sisterhood.

Perhaps, then, you understand what it is to be truly dedicated - not to a series of books, but to a community. We are not an RPG. We are not fantasy but family, a growing and evolving online society of real people, and gaining membership and respect within Tar Valon is neither a simple task nor a meaningless effort.

We are Tar Valon, the City and the Tower, and we exist to meet and provide such a challenge, and in so doing recognize those around us as true friends and family. We host live functions, attend real gatherings, and this site is where we communicate, entertain, cooperate, and play.

Join us.

This website was created for and serves our visitors. In exploring TarValon.Net, be sure to take advantage of all we offer!
  • Access to specialized and moderated discussion forums
  • 3 chat rooms, with our main room staffed and active 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Up to the minute WOT and TarValon.Net related news
  • Monthly newsletter with articles, contests, trivia, product offers, interviews and more
  • Ability to use our Library: one of the largest searchable indexes of standard and original Wheel of Time research on the Internet
  • An online shop featuring TarValon.Net official products
  • Original artwork, games, and humor not found on other sites

Want to become more involved? Consider joining our membership!

Membership benefits include but are not limited to:
  • Invitations to real life gatherings held throughout the USA, Europe and Australia
  • email, web logs, and other applications
  • Access to mentorship, tutors and thought-provoking classes
  • A chance to develop meaningful long-lasting friendships

About Our Site

TarValon.Net was created with the express purpose of giving a handful of real-life friends and fans of the Wheel of Time series a place to meet and interact with each other regardless of their physical location. It originally started with just the Blue and Green Ajah Headquarters. In time, we realized that there would need to be a central location for our community. Thus the Tower was born. We felt that it was in our best interests to keep the spirit of the White Tower in line with the fictional Tower in the series. As our membership increased, we began to understand just how well this form of government could work, and soon chose our officials and developed our Mission Statement and Constitution. TarValon.Net is an unofficial Wheel of Time fan club, run for and by its members. We are not an RPG site, although we do use fictional names while dealing with Tower business. There may also be some light roleplaying, but it is secondary to our function as a fan-based real-life organization (if you are looking for an RPG site, we highly recommend the roleplaying at Please bear in mind that we do blur the lines between characters and reality. People will take your actions seriously and may not differentiate between your actions and those of your fictional name.

Mission Statement

TarValon.Net exists to provide its members with the opportunity to adopt the ideals and philosophies of the White Tower as described in Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time series, while supporting a real-life community through gatherings, online communication and fraternity. We strive to maintain a website that appeals and educates visitors about the Wheel of Time in an original and innovative fashion. TarValon.Net not only seeks to create real life friendships and bonds between fans all over the world, but also to be seen as the trusted source for news, research, art, and theories while maintaining a high level of quality in all works produced, and achieving a high entertainment value for the public in general. For more on our code, laws, and regulations, please refer to the Tower Bylaws.

Is your language not included and are you interested in doing a translation? Contact the Keeper of the Chronicles.