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Lei'Le Vumf
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  • Thanks again for the great information. I may refrain from posting images until I'm a bit more familiar with the community, but I'll keep your explanations in mind for when that time comes. :)
    Ask the White Tower forum has most of the "how do I?" threads...its just finding the info u want. As far as ive seen theres no limit to pics but 3 or 4 seem to be the maximum most ppl post inside spoiler boxes. The spoiler box button is found once u hit the Go Advanced button next to the Post Reply button and looks like [...] it also gives a preview of what your response will look like
    Hello again :)

    I already have a question and wondered if you already knew. lol I'd like to participate in the Hand Crafts Discussion forum by posting some of my current fiber projects. I don't want to flood the forum with pictures (there are only three pictures I would post anyway), but the membership manual doesn't mention (unless I've missed something again...) how many photos are frowned upon. Is there a thread I've missed that outlines this? Or would you recommend I simply link to the projects for now?

    And feel free to point me to the correct person if you aren't sure either. I assume the Mayor is the ultimate person to ask but this seems like such a simple thing to bother her with, especially after all the warm welcomes and encouragement to ask questions elsewhere if needed.

    Any advice would be appreciated!
    I think I uploaded the new pic as avatar. I saved it & the address. If it didnt work I'll sort it tomorrow. Later today. :D Thanku for your help
    No problem, just send me link to the full size picture and I will make it the right size and send a link to you. :)
    Hello and Welcome once again! On behalf of the Welcoming Committee I would like to ensure you we are here to help you explore our community :pleased-1: You may like to check this thread and this one. They are very useful and if you have any questions or need help with anything we are here for you. :D I am here for any questions you may have or just for a nice friendly chat :pleased-1:
    Hello Lei'Le ,

    I am Kassidy the Mayor also, Aes Sedai of the Green Ajah . I wanted to welcome you to the site. If you have any questions, or want to chat my Visitor Message box is always open . You can always email me at mayor@tarvalon.net . :pleased-1: Someone from the Welcome Committee will also be sending you a Visitor Message as well.

    Enjoy your stay in our Community . :joy
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