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  • That's good to hear! :D Anyway, I am here just in case - everyone here is super friendly and helpful, so I guess I'm just the "official" person to go to, who has no choice but to know everything. :laugh: Or... most of it, at least. :look:
    Hello, Sanguinem!

    I am Theolyn, a greeter of the Welcoming Committee. :) I am here to help you out around the site, with anything from learning more about creating posts to choosing a signature! That means that I am also here to answer any questions you might have. You can find answers to the most frequent ones in the Membership Manual (found in the Library section), and I would suggest you read the part about the community membership first and then move on to other parts. :pleased-1:

    For now, as a Visitor, you can use Visitor Messages such as this one, that appear on the recipient's profile. To reply to this one, just click on "View Conversation" and a box similar to the one that you use for posting on the forum will appear. After that, it is pretty much the same as posting elsewhere, and you'll leave a message on my profile. :pleased-1:

    Enjoy exploring the site! :D

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