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  • Thanks Kass! :pleased-1: You can call me Kavi. Satara Sedai already does haha.

    Actually, I'd had people telling me about the series at least a year or two before I started listening to it at work. I'd wanted to read it, but I'm too impatient to put the books down when I have to go to bed so I figured listening would be better haha. But, my husband (we were only dating at the time) was telling me about the books and told me I had to listen to them because of how amazing they were. So I bought the first book, and started listening to it, and fell in love. haha

    Also, my husband says I'm a lot like Nynaeve too XD I tell him he's a lot like Mat because of how mischievous he can be.

    I'm not sure if I prefer the Yellow or the Green myself. I heard someone say that the Ajah's are different on here than the are in the books, but I can't find the information to tell for myself.

    haha I'm already making friends, so I don't think being ignored is a worry :) It's a lot of fun. :pleased-1:
    :) Thank you for responding to me! i am having trouble applying for citizenship because im ALWAYS on a work computer and would have to install new stuff to it to read the application! hahah were outta date! Thats the reason i dont have a LAST name either!! hahah im having all sorts of trouble! When im at home i never have the opportunity to get on my computer! but hopefully i can make that happen soon!! :)
    And thank u for all the info! U are a superstar!

    Scratch that!! I was able to fill out my citizen form!!! Lets Party!!!!
    Thanks for your message! I wasn't sure if the one I filled out when I joined here needed to be re-done or not since some of the info has changed, so I did fill out a new one.

    So far this community has been really great. The people are warm and welcoming, and there are some pretty interesting theories and things floating around out there.


    Enjoying it when I can - between work and being sick, I haven't had a lot of time to hang out here. But I'll probably be more active once my permission request for CE goes through...
    Greetings! I put together a few websites in static HTML years and years ago, but these days apart from a bit of dabbling in PHP, most of my programming work is backend Java server stuff.

    Thanks for the welcome!
    Hello Kass, thanks for the welcome!
    I actually am changing my name to Dovienya D'ma Carneira. Thanks for telling me that "Sedai" wasn't allowed.
    Its fucking great, Have you finished AMoL? i was a very active member some years ago but went inactive when i stopped working to goto school but now having finished the series after 12 years and 3 re-reads coming back to this site was necessary! How about you, have you been a member for long?
    Thank you Kassidy! I'm looking forward to becoming a citizen! I'll let you know if I have any questions.
    Hello Kass! Thank you (belatedly) for the welcome. I technically responded before, but in the wrong spot so it never got to you. :P

    I'll definitely let you know if I have any questions, but I'm good for now.
    Hello Kassidy, and thanks for the welcome :hug

    I just made citizen today and I'm finally able to answer your post :clap I'm really looking forward to get to know all of you :)
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