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  • Hi, Risula! :pleased-1:

    I'm Theolyn, a greeter of the Welcoming Committee. I see that Shaerlyn is your friend, and I bet she'll be able to help you a lot with getting the hang of the site. Still, I'm here to help you out with anything you might need! I suggest you read the stickies (the topmost threads in forums), and the Membership Manual when you have time. Those are pretty neat and have most of the information meant for new members - of course, if you don't find what you're looking for, feel free to send me a Visitor Message, or simply reply to this one. :pleased-1:

    One quick thing: the site requires that the members' avatars are 110x170 pixels; your current one is slightly "shorter" than that, so I took the liberty of tweaking it a little:

    I hope that's okay. :)

    Enjoy exploring the site!

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