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  • No worries! I totally get it! I have about 124354432 hours of homework and NO time.
    I appreciate the help, time notwithstanding at all :D
    Ohhhhh! I forgot about the whole electing a new mayor thing. That makes sense. oops :embarassed:
    I am totally content for now to just browse around and expand my visitor horizons.

    Thank you so so so much for all your help, Theolyn Sedai !!
    Just out of curiosity, how long does it usually take for a citizen application to process? (or if there is someone better to ask, who would that be?)
    I submitted one about a week ago, and I am curious. No anxious per say, just curious. Or was it my mis-sized avvi that was holding things up?
    Aaaawww Theonlynnnnnn Sedai! That's soooo sweet!

    Jippeeeeee! I love them all... Mmmm! Think it'll have to be the dragon one. Thank you so much. They are beautiful.
    Oh my, thank you so much!

    I found it in a simple wallpaper site, and I could find no way of reaching the artist! Thank you! *goes off to ask*
    Thank you, Theolyn Sedai!

    Yes, I'm making my own one. I'm liking it so far (it's still in pencil) so I'm reaaally hoping that colouring it (which I want to; with colouring pencils) won't spoil it. That would just be sad...
    Hi Theolyn Sedai!

    Thank you for your welcome! Regarding the avatar - I don't really know. Usually I choose something really easy, but with the fact that is to be a set picture, I'm having a little trouble deciding on one that is "perfect" - so to say. I have read through the appropriate areas in the Membership Manual and I looked at those sites but I feel bad using someone else's work! (I know, it's silly).

    Hope you have a good day,

    Thank you very much for the welcome, Theolyn Sedai.

    I have been doing some looking around on the forums, and keeping an eye out for important looking stickies. I love that they are there. They make everything so much easier! I've had a read through of the MM, and it was very educational. I also got caught up in the Tar Valon library last night. I must have read at least 100 pages :laugh:

    If I need any help (even though everyone is very helpful) I will be sure to send you a message.

    Thank you again, and have a lovely day :)

    -- Kyrielle
    Hi,.........thank you so much, i will have a look at these, im sure one is PERFECT!!! sorry for the late reply work has me run ragged at the moment!! xxxx
    Hi Theyolyn, i know what you mean, i have to log out now myself, work calls!!!< i will have a check on the signature link later when i get home, i was thinking a sword, i know Ais Sedai don't generally use weapons....but.......if i eventually make it that far, i do think that learning to use one for close calls is a good idea, maybe just me.

    Thank you so much for all of your help xx
    Hi Theolyn, I would really appreciate any help that you could give, I will also have a look at the link that you have given, I need to think about a new signature also, (daunting starting all over agian!!!). I was thinking of a warrior type looking female with gorgeaou red hair, not sure if i woud like a weapon or not in the mix, what do you think? x
    Oh, hello. Thanks for the welcome. I shouldn't need any help once I make my way wholly through the Manual though. I am enjoying the site quite a bit, thankyou.
    Part 4:
    (Accepted and Soldiers Page) -

    1)In the “The next level of Community Membership” section “You must have read all of the books in the main story arc of The Wheel of Time that have been published in English (currently books 1-12).” The note on the books “1-12” is now outdated.

    I have looked at a few other pages, but not in-depth, I will do soon though...

    (All done. Darn this 1000 character limit! :lol)

    How many cookies have I earned? :arch
    Part 3:
    (Novices and Recruits Page) -

    1)In the “What is a Novice/Recruit?” section, it says “(books 1-12;*Towers of Midnight*will join this list a month after its release into paperback)” - it is now outdated information...
    2)Just after that it says “Reading*New Spring*and*The World of Robert Jordan's The Wheel of Time*as well is recommended but is not required.”, just a note that when the Companion releases it may well be included here as well...
    3)It also says “Classes are also now available at this stage of Community Membership. As a*Citizen, one can see classes but cannot participate.”, maybe make mention of the Citizen Class Citizens can participate in.
    Part 2:
    (Citizens Page) -

    3) Again in the "What now?" section and the paragraph "Some people join and immediately want to get involved. Citizens, particularly those who have been here for a little while, are eligible for staff and some administrative positions...." I think a link to the "Events for Our Membership" page would be a nice idea.
    4)In the “The next level of Community Membership”, it says “If it is approved, the Mayor will post a thread in City Hall calling you to the Tower. Do not post in this thread! As soon as you have been called to the Tower, you are no longer allowed to post in the City forums until reaching the rank of Accepted/Soldier.” I’m confused as to why this is, maybe an explanation could be included...

    (I know some of these aren’t corrections but suggestions to make it easier for a new member to find all the information quickly, hope that’s alright as well :) ).
    Part 1:
    (Citizens Page) -

    1) "Participation in this forum is reserved for Community Members of the Tower, but Citizens may watch classes in action to get a feel of what it will be like if you choose to go to the Tower." in the "What now?" section should make reference to the Citizen Class in which Citizens can participate.
    2) Also in the "What now?" section " If you happen to have joined during one of our Freeweeks, please jump right in and join in our fun. Enjoy our chatrooms, look through our Library, and enjoy other aspects of our website." I think it would be good if there was a hyperlink to the Freeweek page, instead of having to search for it, and also a hyperlink to the Chat Guidelines it would make it easier for me, as a new member at least.
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