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  • I only have one child, and he just turned nine. I've been homeschooling for just over a year now, and it just seems sometimes like I'm over my head. I bought a lot of workbooks and read-along books, but it's a matter of getting him to sit down. We've taken away everything he can use to distract himself, and he still doesn't do what we ask.
    hey there...thanks for the welcome and alora told me too that u and i have alot in common...that is cool both our daughters are here too! I still have to get used to all of Yeah lets keep in touch. Have u finished the books yet?
    Thanks for the introduction! So far the community is welcoming! I am still figuring out posting etc. Did you teach at the college level? Adjuncts a drag so I left. I am an artist too but fell in love with research. Do you make work as well? I really want to try and make it to Jordancon. Never have been to any type of fan con before so I am nervous about meeting people. I am currently re reading the series and I am at LoC - totally forgot about Lolial's mother showing up. You are pretty new to the site how do you like it? How was citizenship? And now as a novice? Thanks again! :D
    Hi Ashara, me again... :look:
    It has been a week since I sent my Citizen Application to the Mayor and it says in the Membership Manual that if you haven't had a response in a week to send an email to the Mayor letting her know of this. However Sofia said that you told her the Mayor was on a leave of absence, so I know she will have a lot of work to catch up on, and thus don't want to come across rude if I send an email, knowing she was on a leave of absence. What do you recommend me to do?
    Thanks :)
    Hello, Zanus :)
    If you go to you can create an account and load quite a few (and by that I mean A LOT) of sigs. At the bottom you will see a button that reads "Submit" and it will give you a link. That will be the link you will use when you adjust your sig settings here on and voila! it will rotate through the sigs for you. I use Photobucket to house my sig images, but I believe there are several other sites to house images as well. Good luck, I hope this helps!

    Ashara Koh'inor
    Hello Ashara :) I notice that you have your signatures in some form of rotation so that when the page is refreshed a different one appears. As of this moment I only have one signature, but I am just interested in how it is done. Could you tell me :arch ?
    Oh, thank you for that information! When I emailed to get my last name my request got lost for a bit, so I was getting just a little bit worried the same thing might've happened with my application, but that's very reassuring. :D
    I'm really looking forward to exploring the site as a citizen and keep on being active! Thanks again! :hug
    Hello! :)
    I was wondering how long it usually takes to be approved for Citizenship? I applied about 10-12 days ago, but I haven't heard anything yet. :( Is that normal, or should I email them and ask about it? Someone said it should take up to a week, but I'm almost at two weeks now..
    Thank you!! I'm just waiting to get my last name, when that's done I'm going to apply right away! Can't wait! :joy

    Thanks! I've emailed them, so hopefully I'll have my last name soon!

    I feel like I'm starting to get the hang of this! Everyone's been so helpful. Thank you!! I'm very excited myself! I can't wait to participate in the Discussion forums. :)
    That sounds great! I'm really looking forward to becoming a Citizen. I realised I need to add a last name, but I can't seem to figure out how do do that - is it too late once you've chosen your username or is there still a way to change it?

    I'm so excited to have more people to talk about WoT with! I do have one friend who has read all the books, but she's about to move to a different city, so we won't be able to talk as much. There's one other friend who I've gotten to read the series, but she's only on book one.. Most my other friends aren't fond of reading, which is super frustrating since it's one of my main interests!

    Nynaeve sure is amazing! I love the combination of compassion and anger, she's so wonderful. And it's refreshing with an Aes Sedai who's not really a perfect mask of serenity.

    I have read all the books!
    Thank you so much for the warm welcome, I feel very comfortable here already. :) Everyone has been so kind.

    How do people usually spend their time here? As I mentioned in my introduction post, this is my first experience with this kind of community, and I'm not quite sure of what to do yet.

    I'll make sure to read through the rules and regs., thank you. :) Who's your favourite character?

    Thanks for the note, Ashara! I would love that recipe! Would you mind emailing it to me? :)

    And your concern isn't creepy or pushy at all! I'm always happy to hear more and decide at my own discretion on what to try/not try. The only thing I will say is I'm leery of herbal-type remedies, simply because I have so many allergies that I often react to "all natural" stuff. That being said, I'm usually at least willing to give stuff a try. Like my recent attachment to lemongrass tea - supposedly it's good for thyroid function, and even if it's not, I like the way it tastes :)
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