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  • No problem! You both seem like pretty cool cookies. It's always nice to see great new people come to the Tower.
    Do you think you guys are going to apply for citizenship soon? I think you have enough posts. I think. It's barely been a year for me, but I've forgotten already! :laugh:
    Thank you! It's ok that you're talking about non-WoT stuff here as well ;) Yeah, I'm also researching my family in the past, but not easy when I working full-time as well :laugh:
    Ah, I know what you mean about the Wise Ones. :laugh: The Aiel are one of my favourite nations, but I would not want to spend too much time in the Waste.
    Oh, but those images are so inspirational... Thank you so much for the link. :hug

    Your posts do not need to be of a particular quality for your application for Citizenship to be accepted. It is very nice of you to consider such an aspect to them, but as soon as you have 25, you can send the application off, really. At this level, you hardly need to do very much; it is later on that the requirements get a little bit more demanding, but only by a hair, at that. So if you wish for my two cents, you can send the application in right now if you wish. :pleased-1:
    Ashara, dear! Have you applied for Citizenship yet? You have been so interested in all the threads available as a Visitor, I'm excited about the prospect of having you further into the community, with more threads available and whatnot. :)
    You and I have much in common when it comes to preferences, I see. I prefer the colder seasons to the warmer ones, myself, and it is always easier for me to warm up (I'm generally almost always warm) than to cool down. Our May so far has been much colder than I thought it would be, but I do not mind it in the slightest. I have never been anywhere in Scandinavia yet, myself, but as you say - one day. I am trying to get myself a scholarship of some sorts for my final year of studies; if that doesn't work out, I will just go there as a tourist. Still counts! :laugh:

    As for genetics, I could have ended up with delightfully green eyes, like my mother's mother, or my uncle. But I took after my parents, and I am dark of both hair and eye. I tan rather easily, too, which is not something I am overly fond of (since I do not like being in the heat of the sun too much); in my most subjective opinion, I prefer fair, pale skin - on myself and on others. You and your family do sound quite lovely. :pleased-1:
    Hi Ashara, welcome to Tar Valon! :hug

    I'm Anarie, and I'm a member of the welcoming committee. Which means if you have any problems or just want to chat I'm always available, so don't be shy.
    I'm here to help you get on your feet. There are four other members of the committee, Ahmyra al'Ruley, Luna Morn (I see you've already met :giggle), Kveldolf Tikvah, and Leo Kian, who would also be happy to help in any way.

    I suggest that you read all the stickies, you'll find them at the top of each forum. Also, thank you for reading the membership manual :pleased-1: It makes our job a lot easier :P If you feel so inclined, we also have a chatroom. you can find the link at the top of the page under the main banner.

    You've come to the right place to meet other WoT fans, you'll no doubt find a lot of interesting threads about the forums where you can share your ideas and give opinions. It's great! Don't be afraid to just jump into threads, we all felt nervous at the start!
    Oh, no thanks are necessary. :) I know very well what it is like to be a new member, especially with all of these new things to explore - the thing about Tar Valon, I noticed, is that a lot of people tend to retain that feeling of excitement, because of all the progression, all the potential friendships... It is a very comfortable place, here. Light, but if you want to talk excited, you should have seen me several months ago when I figured out which Ajah I was going to aspire to. I'm still excited over that. :laugh:

    Thank you so much for your compliment; that is one of the key reasons why I love the moon - its light doesn't perceptibly heat anything up, it just provides illumination, whereas most other light sources are also sources of warmth.

    Feel free to message me whenever, I do quite like talking, and you strike me as one who could provide interesting and worthwhile conversation. :pleased-1:
    Well I feel slightly dumb - just goes to show how much I can overanalyze things when I want! I should've realized that,lol. Love it though, it shows what a close community is here. I've always thought I'd could use a dozen or so minions in real life...
    Hello, Ashara! It is very good to hear from you.

    When the flame icons upon the forums are bright and colourful, as you say, that means that some thread within that forum has been updated. For example, if you see the colourful icon next to the "Introductions" part of the forums, that means that someone has posted something new within some of the threads inside. The threads that have been updated will have those colourful icons. Once you check the updated thread, the icon will go grey, meaning that you have read it and there are no news.

    As for etiquette, you have been doing marvelously so far in respecting every bit of it; it is quite admirable, I will say. :pleased-1: Now, it is completely fine for you to bring up a thread that hasn't been updated for a while. The chances are that there will always be someone who will want to discuss it again, be they new or old. So, have at it!

    I hope you are doing wonderfully today. :)
    The pocket thing is more just a joke type thing between members. It wouldn't be in the membership manual. It's kind of like saying you are good friends from the time someone joined the site mostly. :) Say we were to start talking a lot, and after you became a citizen, I somewhere claimed on the boards that I placed you in my pocket, you would become my pocket citizen. Kind of like a minion type thing, without anyone really being boss or anyone actually having to do anything. :laugh:
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