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  • I have looked at my profile and it says I have a signature and I can see it, however when I look at my actual posts I do not see my signature underneath...
    I have it all set up now, I wrote underneath "Courtesy of Anarie De'Thain", I can embolden your name, but I can't find the right shade for your name, by any chance do you know the codenumber for the colour? If not the name of the colour, because I may just have missed it when I was experimenting...
    Hello! Thank you for the head up, I realise I misread the instructions for the avatar - I though the size was supposed to be 110x117 for some reason! I've fixed it now, thank you :)
    I'll make sure to check out the Citizens class, I'm looking forward to it! Thank you again for the message - I'm glad I found too :D I'm still slightly amazed at how welcoming everyone has been.
    Thank you for your welcome and helpful hints (had NO clue about the chat room). I am not sure how, but I must have missed your visitor message initially because I just realized it was here so please forgive me if I seemed aloof or uninterested. I can be completely absorbed and still be a total ditz at times - I blame it on the moon. I have enjoyed the threads so far, especially the Bonfire one because it seems to get the most responses. It seems I am interested in a lot of threads that haven't been used in a while so it is possible that I have commented on many things that just aren't being seen. While I am generally somewhat of an introvert, I do love talking when I find people I have common interests with such as WOT, etc. So, I may need to reign in my enthusiasm a bit, or as I mentioned to Luna, I run the risk of seeming like a rather excited puppy (not very dignified).
    Thank you again for your warm welcome.
    Thanks Anarie! I'll keep the signature idea in mind. I'm not quite sure how to create/use a signature, and I'm not even sure I'm allowed one at the guest level. That is on my list of things to figure out as I go along. ;)

    Thanks again!
    Hello Anarie! (Do you have a title? I'm not sure...) Thank you for messaging me.
    I've found some pretty interesting forums so far, and the only issue I'm finding is that I don't want to leave!
    I do have a quick question. I've contacted the artist of my avatar, and hopefully will hear back from her soon. Do I post anything with the permission, or do I just tuck it away in case of any issues arising?
    Greetings Anarie! I made citizen the last time I was here and remember having a lot of fun, every one I met here was really nice and friendly, and I am sure none of that has changed. Judging by all the warm welcomes I have been getting I would say it hasn't.
    Hello Anarie, thank you for the warm welcome, I really enjoyed my previous time on the site but life got in the way, I am hoping to make some new friends and find some high adventure now that I am back.
    Welcome back to the site!
    Let me point a few things for you as a member of the welcome committe:
    1. The site is working on vBulletin now so its a bit different than it used to be. Dont hesitate to contact me if you want any help.:p
    2. You Avatar is in the wrong size; It should be 110X170.
    3. You cant send private messages until you are a citizen. You can use the Visitor Messages option instead until than.
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