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Feb 5, 2009
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December 30
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Marivea al'Corriyi

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Aes Sedai

Rest in power, Chadwick. Aug 30, 2020

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Oct 28, 2020 at 1:45 AM
    1. Marivea al'Corriyi
      Marivea al'Corriyi
      Rest in power, Chadwick.
    2. Jarl Lewin
      Jarl Lewin
      Happy birthday!
    3. Sowinda al’Morwyn
      Sowinda al’Morwyn
      Haha well my claim to painting consists entirely of attending one paint party (which was held at a brewery... beer + paint = delusional aspirations), painting in between giant lines at theatre.

      Longest bike trip so far has been 300ish miles. The "ish" is because it was only supposed to be 250 or something, but we got lost three days in a row because I had yet to learn that Google Maps cannot always be trusted :(. Me and a couple friends biked from Eugene, OR to Olympia, WA.

      I have a link! Because I'm too verbose at all times so I try to blog to get all the words out of me! :D (LOL I also just tried to post this back and found out there is a word count maximum for these messages :D)

      Mis amigos and I do a bike camping trip almost every year :). This year we're trying to to a bunch of mini-tours instead of one giant one though.

      What kind of cycling do you enjoy? :) What bike do you have?
    4. Calen Velervron
      Calen Velervron
      I don't know how to send private messages yet but I wanna ask you something next time we are both around
    5. Nynyra Falas
      Nynyra Falas
      Thank you. :) The artist is called Rebecca Cox.
    6. Zelinea Aldevron
      Zelinea Aldevron
      Really? That's so amazing! I'll definitely check it out. Thanks!
    7. Ahmyra al'Ruley
      Ahmyra al'Ruley
      Happy Birthday!!
    8. Amaryla Leper
      Amaryla Leper
      Yay, you haven't forgot about me! :eek Lots and lots of studying :( I'll try to be better in February, i promise! I really miss this place.
      How're you? I see you've become HoA! :joy Congrats, sweety! :hug
    9. Rhene Winshaw
      Rhene Winshaw
      Thank you:) still trying to figure stuff out before posting my introduction how to upload an avatar
    10. Anarie De'Thain
      Anarie De'Thain
      Thanks! I'm still getting used to it and trying to find time to actually post things. lol
    11. kleptoman
      Ah, well thanks. I'm kinda booked for my RP stuff - just got a new job and all, so I'll probably mostly be lurking here.
    12. inquist0
      Thank youuuuuuu. Awesomeee

      I completely understand haha thanks =)
    13. inquist0
      Thanks for responding so quickly. Yeah I remember reading it like forever ago and that's why i was trying to find it. I don't think that link has the trilogy =( unless I'm mistaken. I've been looking hard
    14. inquist0
      hey i just wondered if you could hook me up with the draco series. my email is

      or i can download them, anything would be much appreciated. Thank you in advance
    15. kleptoman
      Hey, you listed White Sands and Aether of Night as online stories in this thread. I'm probably just being an idiot, but I can't seem to find any links, and after seeing how he finished up WoT I wanted to try out some other books by Brandon Sanderson. I dunno how these visitor/private messages work... can I receive PMs even if I can't send them? I'm confused.
    16. Steliana M'Dwai
      Steliana M'Dwai
      Hi! Sorry to bother you... I'm new to the site, just signed up 2 days ago :) I am waiting on my Citizen application to process, and in the meantime have looked into the discussion forums. I stumbled onto your thread about posting a piece of art a week and loved reading through it! Just wanted to let you know. I thought it was a great idea and loved some of the art you posted. I like the idea of a thread for those of us who aren't artistically inclined so that we can still appreciate it :lol Anyway, just wanted to say hi!
    17. Amaryla Leper
      Amaryla Leper
      I'm doing a re-read! It might take me some time, but I wanna get back to the site and the books and community in general. I have missed this place too much! :D
      So...yeah... How have you been? :lol :kiss
    18. Amaryla Leper
      Amaryla Leper
      I'd still have to do a reread and finally read 9+ which I still haven't done :look I plan on catching up on in during summer, but I'm not sure how successful I'll be. Oh well, we'll see. And about practice tests... I have... about two years ago :P But thanks! :hug
    19. Amaryla Leper
      Amaryla Leper
      I just saw that you were made HoA! Congrats, woman! :hug
      And about me getting raised... well it would require me to read all the books (which isn't that hard to do) and to keep all the details and info in my brain long enough to take the test (which is hard to do :look). I keep getting stuck with re-reads, forgetting things, etc :\ And I have my fun being a Novice, so all's well. I think I'm going after the longest time Novice since Skaya got raised. I think her score was 8 years. This April makes me 4 or 5, I can never remember :lol
    20. Amaryla Leper
      Amaryla Leper
      Hey, Vea! :hug I miss you too! I'm really sorry for not being here more often. I can't seem to find enough time and I have no idea how come. It's not that I have SO tight schedule :\ Anyway, I trust all's well? Thanks for thinking about me and not forgetting me :lol :kiss
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    December 30
    community organizer and activist
    Aes Sedai of the Gray Ajah
    Ex-fundamentalist/evangelical/cult-raised atheist. Queer. Activist and community organizer. Lover of the outdoors, believer in science. Socialist, police and prison abolitionist, anti-racist, and antifascist.


    |Av: JxbP||Mentees: Mayor Jahily & Calen Gaidin|
    |The Cthrag Yaska to Belgareth's Cthrag Sardius||My pronouns are she/her or they/them|