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  • Arie Davion has made me a few sigs to choose from, I don't know if you can see it? She introduced herself to me on my Intro page, she made all my sisters sigs and has now made mine.
    Hi! I found the avatar I will use, but the author asked me to credit her somewhere. Where is the best place to do it? Thank you :)

    Thank you for the welcome! :D
    I've checked the stickers, and now I'm searching for an avatar. I'm thinking maybe of drawing something, 'cause I can't find anything that really suits me.
    I think I will definitely stay around 'cause this site really looks amazing :D It's good to finally find some people with whom I can discuss WoT.

    H Padron Gaidin :D Thanks for the tips. I didn't even think to check the dimensions on my Avatar since it is the same file I used previously. I guess it got changed some how. Woops :embarassed: I think I have it fixed though. Have a super day!
    Hello Padron Gaidin (not sure if I'm supposed to say so, but anyway :look:)!

    That's okay! As you may have noticed I've been a bit busy! :pleased-1:
    Thanks for the welcome! I've checked the stickies.

    That's nice! I like reading and video games too (though I haven't played many yet :/). Myself, I wish I had more free time for such things.

    thank you =)
    only another question, I enjoy myself with a little of graphic so I was wondering where can I post in order to allow people to ask signs or avatar? I don't know if I've exposed clearly the matter sorry
    Thanks for the welcome, I'm really happy I came to know this site and the people here (also you) are very kind =)
    only one thing I'd like to know, I'm in the final phase of my to-be-citizien, after that how does it work the ranking?
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