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  • Hi Ary, I've come back from the wilderness after a long absence and I've lost my face. I seem to remember you helping me with avatar stuff in the (distant) past, and I wondered if you might point me in the right direction. It's not the end of the world to me if the old one is gone but I don't even know where to start with finding her or looking for a new one.
    Thanks so much xx
    Happy Day!!
    Truly we are blessed by the Light this day, as we celebrate the wondrous beauty that is you!!!

    :hug :bow :hug
    Awesome that would be great from you.. my old avatar is actually still on my profile in the library... or do you need a new link..?
    Hi there,

    I just rejoined the boards after many years, so nice to be back :) I'm looking for some help getting an avatar and sig back up and running, would probably love to use my old avvie but would need a new sig and I'm kinda hopeless in that department!

    Thanks for your help,
    Napolde Surion
    My dearest ary. Any chance of letting me (social media) know about events like these in advance? We could help on the social media side and drum up more awareness and participation. Plus we could dress up the social media spaces too.
    Hi Aryawnah Sedai!

    The artist of my current avatar is not responding at all! So I went through your wonderful folder again.
    May I use this one?
    It wasn't in your folder, no. But I'm extremely thankful for your folder - it gave me a great idea of what I wanted.

    Thank you, again. I know it will help maaany people in the future.
    I finished drawing one but in the long run the "drawing" would've irritated me - since most people here have digital faces.
    I found this one that I really like though.
    Thank you for all your trouble, Aryawnah Sedai!
    Wow Aryawnah Sedai!

    There's one I really like. I'm currently drawing one, but if I'm not too happy with it then I'm going to go for that one. I'll let you know. Thank you so much.
    Hello... This is my first visitor's message and I'm quite shy about sending it. Mmm...
    So I want to ask for any advice regarding finding an avatar? I thought about drawing one but I don't have time to at the moment.
    Okay... And I've been reading up about it so I'll just make sure of everything before choosing a final one.
    I just have another question.... I have been reading the Membership Manual in more depth and realized that to be accepted to the Tower you need to provide the URL to the avatar (I can't remember it :indifferent: ). Do you still have it saved? If so could you let me know the url so I can keep a note of it... Thanks
    No, I gave up on facebook quite a while ago now. I had a look at the event schedule on the meggacon website, it looked fun :) . Completely unrelated question :look: what do I have to write to get the emoticon in your signature (the punching one)?
    I've decided to set aside Wednesday to watch them, got no plans and am just going to have a lazy day watching on the sofa :) . I have a quick question about something I keep seeing when reading signatures. Some people say that they are pocket Accepted or pocket Recruits etc. to another member, of course I know what Accepted are but I don't know what this "pocket" term means.... :arch
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