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  • Hello! It was so nice to get your message! It IS so cool both our daughters are here. Mine is going to be 18 soon and I just left her at her pre-college program so I'm a bit of a mess.
    Have you been out and about in nature recently? I usually have done plenty of canoeing and hiking by now, but I hurt my knee in November and have been down ever since. I hate being stuck inside, although right now in NC it's like hot soup outside so... Humidity is the devil :laugh:
    To answer your question, yes, I have read all the books most of them several times. Right now I doing audio for the first time. Since I read very fast listening to the books has made me realize how much detail I missed/don't remember even after reading the series 5-6 times. I'm on Path of Daggers right now and I am really enjoying it.
    What book are you on right now?
    Hey mom :D your old name was Aiyana Miryahwind :hug

    Also, when you are posting short messages to a bunch of people in a thread, post them all in the same post instead of making new posts for each one, I'll see if a mod can merge all those posts together. Think of it like in WoW where you don't want to spam the trade chat ;) Don't worry you will get the hang of it, everyone was new once!
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