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  • Hello, Lydia! It's nice to meet you! I'm an eclectic homeschooler, I take the things I like and set aside the stuff I don't. As for getting his work done, we have a rule that school happens first, then we can spend the rest of the day as we want. If he gets his work done quickly, we have more time to play, if not, we don't. I started with individual worksheets but have since switched to some organized curricula. I try to incorporate a game or fun art activity we get to do that's related to that day's work that we get to do if he finishes all his work in a reasonable amount of time (meaning before I need to start making dinner). I try really hard to find activities and whatnot that will appeal to him, he likes playing games and learning rules, following instructions, etc, but hates writing and coloring. He still has to write and we work on fine motor skills in other ways too, but I try to make sure most of his work shows learning through non-writing means, if that makes sense?
    How old are your kids? We've been homeschooling since one was in the 6th grade (she's graduating this year) and the other was in the 3rd (he's a freshman). We really like the unit approach so we did a mix-mash of unit studies and Charlotte Mason.
    Hi Lydia, so sorry that I missed your visitor message until now. I was working (I'm a nurse so it's long shifts) and didn't see it initially. I'm in the UK so play on the Euro realms when I played the proper game. I was on Steamwheedle Cartel.
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