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  • It was pretty good, although I imagine I'll do some tweaking. :)

    Awesome! I definitely recommend taking up knitting or crocheting. It's a wonderful wintry hobby. Here's a great site to learn from: ....has great knitting tutorials!! Let me know if you need any help/advice!

    What crafts do you do?
    Hey,thanks again for the warm welcome! It's nice to be able to talk to nice people, especially when I feel like I'm the youngest person on the site. Truth is, I'm only 12!:indifferent:
    Hi thanks again for the welcome. Just a couple of introductory questions...why you choose green? Who's your favorite character in Wot?
    As for how I found the site, well I was searching the internet for reference material for making an Asha'man costume for Dragoncon, and there you were. I read all of the material on the site at the time and it felt like a good fit for me, so I joined. Unfortunately life got in the way big time and I fell off the world.
    Well Roh Sedai, it is an interesting story of how I got into the WoT. I had never read the books but had I met Robert Jordan at Dragoncon, and he was not very nice, in fact he was rude to the point of making me not want to read any of his books (I suspect that it was partially due to his poor health and being at such a large con.) I actually swore I would never read anything he wrote. Anyway, later that same year, a friend of mine who worked at a book store gave me a stack of sci-fi and fantasy books with no covers on them, which had been marked as destroyed and were supposed to have been thrown away. Amongst the books was The Eye of the World, and I read it all the way through before I caught on who had written it, and was hooked.
    Hello and thank you for the warm welcome Roheryn Sedai, I am very excited to be here and I am sure I will have some questions shortly, or maybe just feel like chatting.
    I have thoroughly messed up hips from gettin turfed off a green 3 yr old a couple years ago and have a floating knee cap for most of my life... if i twist or put pressure on it funny the knee cap moves and pinches the nerve in my lower leg thus cutting off feeling....
    I have a 9yr old registered APHA gelding. He is a pally overo paint and his registered name is Versays Picoes aka Ciscoe. He is my soul-horse. I have a 16yr old grade black tovero mare, Patches, she is Welsh/Percheron and is my go to lesson horse. We don't get along but she is amazing with the beginners and I also have a 3yr old registered AQHA buckskin filly named VS Pepper that isn't broke yet.
    The two that I ride are western. All pleasure as I don't have the time or the ability to compete. I have a few injuries that it amazes me I can ride at all. and I teach kids... I have no formal coaching recognition just many, many years of experience.
    Good evening Roh Sedai. Hope you don't mind that I took the liberty of Vm'ing you. I am hoping to hear a little more about you and your OTTB's :) they fascinate me.
    My name is Pam, I'm 26 from South Africa.

    I am doing a diploma in Computer Graphics (photoshop, coreldraw). I have just sort of started my own business called 4 Eva Memories where I transfer videos to DVDs, I will also be starting do transfer Vinyls to DVD plus sometime soon and later on when my business is up and running properly I hope to work with people's photos by putting them onto DVDs, making photobooks, editing etc.

    I love reading, watching cricket/tennis, baking/cooking, sleeping. I like different books, fantasy, crime, novels, thrillers, suspense. It depends on the book, if I like it I will read it. Music is the same, I am a Belieber and I LOVE Justin Bieber!!!! :giggle I like different artists songs, I won't like the artist but I will like the song. I listen to some Taylor Swift, One Direction. I like most of Carly Rea Jepssn's songs, I like Demi Lovato, some of Avicii's songs, The Killers, Christian music and a whole lot more.

    I don't know what else :look:
    Dear Roheryn,

    I see you so often on here posting in all sorts of things! I am Kymo Ambray's sister (real). I do hope to become friends maybe? :geek

    Thank you for the Welcome!!! I had a question and I was hoping you could help me - I looked through the manuals and sticky posts but couldn't find an answer. How do you place text in a "spoiler" tag? I wanted to respond to some posts in the book forums but I don't want to ruin anything for anyone.
    Hi Roh Sedai! I am unsure of how to send anyone PM's. Hope to meet new people soon. So if you don't want to hear from me, that's ok. Just wanted to say hi! What is the best way to say hi to new people? Nice to meet you :)
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