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  • Hello, again!

    Well, the simple answer is because I Am Green. :) but the longer answer is that Greens are all about being passionate, it doesn't matter what about, but we go after what we want with everything we have and we don't give up.
    As to favorite character that would be Lan.
    Just for your information we are currently in a process of migrating the site. It would be over in a week but I think the last backup was done before you posted in the Introductions forum so you would probably need to repost it once the migration is over because it won't be saved. Really sorry for this needs to be done so our members would have better time on the boards :pleased-1:
    Hello and Welcome to our community :D

    I am Sailea Nerid, a member of the Welcoming Committee for this term. If you need any help with signatures or anything in general, have any questions or need someone to talk to, please do not hesitate to leave me a Visitor Message (the other members of the Welcoming Committee - Luna Morn and Jeem Al'Cazar are always available too)

    I recommend you to read the stickers on the top of every forum and especially the ones in the Introductions forum. You may also find the Membership Manual an useful reading :pleased-1:

    Once you reach 25 posts you can apply for a citizenship and discover a lot of new forums. Welcome once again and I hope you will enjoy your time here and do have fun :hug
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