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Amina Coram
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  • Just wanted to drop you a note to say hi since I haven't talked to you in forever. Hope you're having a great day! :hug
    Hi Amina! How are you? I really enjoy TV.net and hope to became a citizen soon. I've already send an e-mail for the name (waiting patientely for a reply) and I'm looking for for an avatar. Thanks for the concern ;)
    Hi Amina!

    Yeah, I've sent in my application and am now waiting for it to get approved (hopefully). :D I'm really hoping it does! How long does it usually take after sending in the application?

    Oh wow, that's so kind of you! I love it! I will most certainly be using it :D It's great!
    I couldn't live without Vegemite, or bacon for that matter!!

    but here is your bacon
    :bacondance :bacondance :bacondance :bacondance :bacondance :bacondance :bacondance :bacondance :bacondance :bacondance :bacondance :bacondance :bacondance
    My lady requests some of the breakfast foods, then it shall be hers. BACON!!! :baconjoy
    or maybe Vegemite?
    :arch okay, just... let me... get all... of that down...
    Yeah, I'm not going to remember all of that, I think I'll stick with calling you Amina, if thats all good?
    Alright, so theres no title or anything? nothing fancy? No Lordess or Lady? *Bows and knuckles forehead*
    Thank you for your positive thoughts, everything really went well :hug

    And now... *drum roll*...

    Det er så dejligt at møde nogen som interesserer sig for dansk! :joy Der er mange svenskere og nordmænd her, som du måske har set, men der var ingen som jeg kunne snakke lidt dansk med - indtil nu! :D

    Alright, I'll stop :look It's just that Danish is my main language and I always get excited when I meet someone who's studying it, too ^^ Why did you chose to study it?

    Also, I had a bit of free time and made you another sig, but the one you made is so beautiful! D: So, I'm just going to leave the link to it here: http://i.imgur.com/auGzhNt.png ... along with the link to a neat little sig rotator, in case you make more and don't want to stick to only one ;) http://sig.grumpybumpers.com/

    I hope you're doing well! :hug
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