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  • Spare time...XD

    Oh that's super cool! I would sew, but alas, no sewing machine...and I'm not too great at things like cross-stitch...no patience.

    Any other hobbies, Roh Sedai?
    Yeah... in my spare time XD
    I do want to learn, and I have a friend who can teach me, I just haven't had the time to learn.

    I mostly sew and cross-stitch. I love to make my own Ren Faire stuff. I'm working on an outfit for Anni and a new Aes Sedai shawl for it right now. :D
    I have to admit, that that cinnamon roll recipe sounds delicious!!

    Also, I love to see other crafters come through the site! I do a lot of crafting, but don't know how to knit or crochet, I keep saying I'll learn... but maybe someday.

    And you can call me Roh Sedai, almost no one uses my full name :D
    Hello and once again welcome to our community :D

    I am Sailea Nerid, a member of the Welcoming Committee for this term (that is almost over). If you need any help with things around here (although I see you are doing quite well on your own :laugh:), if have any questions or need someone to talk to, please do not hesitate to leave me a Visitor Message (the other members of the Welcoming Committee who will be announced soon). I can help you with your avatar too as I already posted in your thread :pleased-1:

    I recommend you to read the stickers on the top of every forum and especially the ones in the Introductions forum. You may also find the Membership Manual an useful reading :pleased-1:

    Once you reach 25 posts you can apply for a citizenship and discover a lot of new forums. I hope you will enjoy your time here and do have fun :hug
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