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  • Having lots of fun, thank you! Everyone's so nice here :grouphug
    Will badger and pester if I need to :P
    Aw you're welcome!! Are you enjoying Tar Valon.net? Have you had a chance to look at the Book Discussion Boards? I hope you are enjoying it. :) Have a wonderful rest of the day.
    Noreaan you are certainly welcome to post in all boards visible to you! :) Please investigate all boards and have fun! The General discussion boards, if you are able to see them, encompass many things such as sports, crafts, education, and health/fitness. The book discussion boards are wonderful to discuss theories and ideas about the series.
    Thanks for the message Raeviendha, I currently going through the membership manual but I was wondering can I post in all of boards/threads visible to me without restriction, assuming that I stick to the Code of Conduct.
    Thanks for the help.
    No problem Shaun! Can you access the Book Discussion forum? That is a great place to discuss the series. It's broken down books 1 -4, 1-8, 9-10 I think and A Memory of Light has its own. In the meantime, see about getting your 25 posts so you can become a citizen. Let me know if I can do anything to help.
    Not sure what groups there are but thank you for responding. I have read all the books and really like the books and was interested at seeing this on internet.
    Thanks for the welcome! Everyone here is so friendly - it's really nice!

    I'd really just recommend picking up a book or finding a video online and just trying something! I bought the book "I Can't Believe I'm Crocheting" and spent an evening making super hideous squares a few years ago. It seems like with crochet, there are aren't that many different techniques - once you've figured out how to chain and single crochet, anything else is really just an extension of that, so once you get good at that, you're set! So yeah, no great tips. Just teach yourself the basics, find a project that looks fun and motivating, and go for it! (my first project, which in retrospect may not have been the simplest first project, was a finger puppet princess I found online)

    Oh, and Ravelry is a magical, dangerous place. :look:
    The manual can be quite intimidating and at first i found the whole place overwhelming, but you get used to it and its a lovely place :) :hug
    Thank you so much! I'm kind of intimidated after reading through the site and the Membership Manual, but I am really looking forward to becoming part of a community. THIS community! :)
    Hi there and welcome to the site. My name as you can see is Syera and i make part of the welcoming committee team here at TV.net. If you are confused or need a chat I am here, hope you enjoy yourself. There are some wonderful people here and everyone has time to talk.
    Syera ::)
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