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  • Happy Birthday!
    Hi Noreaan! Welcome to Tar Valon! :welcome I am a member of the Welcoming Committee, apologies for not getting this to you sooner. I see Kassidy has covered some important points, thank you Kass! Be sure to read the stickies at the tops of the forums, they have so much good information. Also, reading the Membership Manual is great. Click on the Library tab to access the manual.

    Please don't hesitate to let me know if you need any help or have any questions! We're so glad to have you here. :hug
    If I can :joy, do you have one in mind ?

    Here is a little advice when you think you have one you want look in the Who's who profiles and make sure it isn't being used . (This is how you get to the Who's who pages ,click on the Home button and then go to Site Resources and the window will drop down click on the Who's who page. You can also click on the Library box on top of the screen and scroll down to TV.Net click on the Who's who . )

    Here is a link where you can find Avatars at Avatar List <---- Remember to get permission from the Artist

    I can see if I can resize the avatar for you . :fistbump I hope this helps you !

    Welcome to Tar Valon , Noreaan ! if you decided to become a Citizen then you will earn Privet Messages . (Visitor Messages everyone can read them ) You should also be getting a message from one of our Welcome Committee members as well.
    Talk soon,
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