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  • Thank you very much for welcoming me here! I look forward to seeing more of the community--I am going through the information on the visitor's page at the moment and learning about TarValon.Net! :D
    ReVamp has been out since August the 23rd and I've listened through it. It was pretty good, I still miss After Forever because they had, well more of a punch to their music but as a replacement it was pretty good. :) The album exist on spotify if you use spotify. :P
    Hi! I saw you write to Zandera on her visitor messages, so I am sorry if this message comes out of the blue. I absolutely love Floor's voice. Just had to get that out there. :P If you like her in Nightwish, try her in her former band After Forever! I used to be a fanboy.
    I totally get you on Tarja's attitude. It's unfortunate when you see an artist you love act like that. :( Oh I love The Islander video too! And I just watched the Buenos Aires Ghost Love Score video. That's *amazing*. I really like Ghost Love Score. That's like... a core song for my Nightwish fandom. :p
    "Trials and Tribble-ations" was so cool! And how nifty that they included it with the TOS discs. :pleased-1:

    I got into Star Trek when I was in high school and spending a lot of afternoons at the public library, which oddly had a ton of the books. When did you start reading WoT? That was also high school for me, around the time Crown of Swords came out. I read up through Winter's Heart before I went away to college and lost track of the series for a while. I always feel like I missed a lot, but really I was just a year behind reading Crossroads of Twilight. :laugh: Such a long gap between books!
    I wasn't either when I joined here :laugh: it amazed me just how welcoming this community is! And anytime, I'm of the belief no question is stupid :)
    Yes. The Islander is my favorite. \m/ What's your favorite Nightwish song? And do you prefer Tarja or Anette? :x

    By the way, I tried sending you a private PM, and I cannot. That's okay; I just wanted to make sure that was supposed to be that way. :hug
    I think that's why I liked DS9 and Voyager better, they had more continuous plots. I hear TNG did to some extent as well, but I've only seen a few of those episodes (and all out of order) so I haven't noticed it much. I've read more books than anything. :laugh:
    Its not stupid :hug you do this without the spaces: [ spoiler]blah blah spoilers oh no![/spoiler]

    :) its ok to ask any questions you need to that's what I'm here for :)
    Hi Neria! :hug Haha I forgot you were new. I thought you were a veteran who has been here longer than I have. :laugh: Well, you fooled me.

    Everyone loves demon butlers, warrior princesses, and Nightwish. <3 Whoever doesn't, may or may not be in the wrong place. :look:
    Hi Neria! I wanted to check and see how you're doing! I hope you're enjoying yourself and are meeting new friends. If I can do anything to assist you, please don't hesitate to ask. :)
    Netflix starts with "The Cage", which yeah I don't think was ever shown. It was strange because they have so many different people from when the show actually started. Netflix needs better descriptions, non-Trekkies might be quite confused between the so-called episode 1 and episode 2! Dragon Con is always a blast, I'm already counting down til next year. :laugh:
    Ouch, that would be tough! We live on Netflix and Hulu. :pleased-1: We actually only watched the pilot so far lol. I've been out of town at Dragon Con (weeee!) but hopefully we can get back into the swing of things soon.
    The Netflix stuff looks pretty good too, I wonder if they also got the remastered version. I hadn't really thought about the picture quality while watching, so it must have been just fine on our big nice TV!
    I know right?! I forgot how much of a jerk he was.

    Ooh my husband and I are about to start watching ST:TOS on Netflix! We had a big box full of VHS tapes for years that someone had recorded off of TV (the really old commercials were funny) but it was a pain to use those because our only VHS player was dying. I think we're going to have to intersperse it with something more modern though, only so much of that I can take. :laugh:
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