Fostering in your community and fostering to adopt

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    So many know that we have fostered for years. We have fostered in the states of Georgia, Kansas and South Carolina. We have successfully adopted two of our foster children who were not able to reunite with family. After the movie about foster adopting, I thought I would post some pointers and anyone who has fostered, fostered, adopted, or been in foster care or foster adopted could weigh in.

    First, each state is different, but the end all is the same. One decides to foster children, goes through mandatory classes on how to help children from abused, neglected, or drug homes. Then one has to go through the background checks to make sure that one is not a wanted criminal or is on a child abuse registry anywhere. Lastly the home is inspected to make sure it is as safe as a daycare.

    Next, the foster parents decide on the age, amount of children they can support and the severity of abuse, neglect or disability they can handle. They are put into the system and called by "placement" for a child or sibling group.

    In Georgia we we were allowed two. We received one badly neglected infant who had been exposed to alcohol in the womb, and were respite for a 7 year old on the weekends. We were able to finally adopt the infant when she was two and a half. She is now 20, going to Texas A&M and is and has always been a delight to have. Love her as if she was my she is!!

    In Kansas, we were slated for three. We had over 23 children go through our home in two years. However, one stayed and we finalized his adoption last year when he was three and a half. He was a drug baby and all kinds of issues when we received him at 6 weeks from another foster family that had him at birth and could not handle him. He is now four and a half and the apple of this mom's eye.

    In South Carolina, we have fostered three and all have now left to biological homes. That is what fostering is. We take care of the kiddos until either the parent or parents can provide a good home for them or else a relative can stand up and take them. Adoption is always the last resort and we have always adopted any foster child who was not able to be reunited.

    So if you have the room and the heart, please consider fostering in your area. Do NOT think that one will make money as this is not daycare. The money given to help out with the kiddos is not at all close to what it takes to feed a child, clothe a child, provide shelter for the child. It is all given out of love with minimal support from the state as a "thank you" reimbursement.

    We do this because we believe in the system. I am still going for my BS in Psychology after receiving my Associates with help from the RJ scholarship fund. I still believe that fostering is something that all should do from their hearts. So if you want to know more, have questions, are a foster parent and want to connect or have been fostered/foster adopted, pm or post here. It is the best way I can think of giving back to our community and helping those in need.