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  • Hello my fellow Washingtonian! I heard about the signing on the 12th, I hope I can make it too! Well I saw you also liked The Way of Kings and found a quote from Sanderson, maybe you can ask him about it if I don't make it. The quote is on the Stormlight Archive thread. Maybe I'll meet you at the signing!
    Hi Eluial, cool last name! I've been wiped out from this move, sorry its taken so long to respond. You know, I think we make a good team against the thwapers! Us Washingtonians gotta stick together
    I grew up in Nor Cal too! In Yuba City and Sacramento. I moved to Wenatchee in 98, my parents made me move :( Its peaceful here but I want to move to Seattle or Portland, I feel like I fit in better there. I have a cousin going to the Academy of Art downtown. You like Seattle compared to California?
    Ever since Brandon took over the series, Dragonmount and Tor have provided volunteers to help organize his WoT tours. For The Gathering Storm, they were called Storm Leaders. For Towers of Midnight, they were Tower Guard, and for A Memory of Light, they're Memory Keepers. There are 7 of us at the Seattle signing, and we'll be wearing red shirts with "Memory Keeper" on the front and the tour on the back. I'll be the bigger guy with reddish brown hair. :P
    Oops. I thought you were a guy. I guess "Eluial" sounds masculine to me. :P Sorry about that! I do remember the name, but not the avatar. When were you around last?

    And there's not a group, as far as I know. There aren't actually many active members in the area. I'm not going to get out of there until late, since I'm the First Among Equals for the Memory Keepers and stuff, and we'll be there until they close everything down, otherwise I'd love to get a drink. But if you want to come chat or something during the event, that'd be cool. I should have some down time.
    Hi Eluial, I saw you posted on my thread, so I just wanted to say...hi:p. Its nice to meet someone close to home. So are you from 206-Seattle or outside? I love it in Seattle, I like meeting the bums downtown, they're funny to talk to:laugh: Do you like it there?
    Hi Kass! Thanks for the welcome :D

    No questions yet, just hanging out on the book discussion forums mostly, chiming in here and there.
    :welcome to Tar Valon, Eluial.

    I am Kassidy (Kass) for short. I am here to welcome you to the Community. If you have any questions or just want to chat shoot me a Visitor Message.

    I look forward to getting to know you.

    Talk soon,
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