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  • Heh, no worries. I *DID* mess up with Rhed Sedai earlier, so fair is fair. Also, I'm sort of used to it, since I play WoW and post on those forums a lot. Everyone on the internet is a dude, right? ;)

    I'll definitely try to say hi. Will you have any identification or anything? Not entirely sure what the memory keeper thing is, though I've heard about it a few times now.
    Hi! Yes, I plan on being there. I see you're from Seattle as well. Awesome! Do you know if there's a group planning on meeting up afterwards or something? I'd love to grab a drink on the Ave or whatever (or if there's something more wholesome planned, that works, too).

    You're actually one of the few people I remember from when I was around here last time. Not sure if you remember me (and no worries if you don't, cause I wasn't around for very long) but my username was Elyza then. Had this avatar.
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