Discussion Topic: Sharing Sexual Assault Survivor Stories [CW: sexual assault]

Arinna Katal

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Sep 6, 2021
Washington, DC, USA
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As the Servant of All Team continues to focus on Sexual Assault Awareness for the third quarter of 2024, we would like to create a safe space for sexual violence survivors to share their stories. Survivors applies to anyone who has experienced sexual assault in the past or is currently experiencing sexual violence. Regardless of where you are in your experiences, you are a survivor. Please feel free to share as much as you would like.

We understand that sharing these experiences can be both empowering and triggering. :grouphug: If you have concerns around sharing your experiences, please feel free to reach out to me or another member of the Servant of All team privately and we can discuss ways for your voice to be heard in ways that both empower you and keep you safe. Also, when sharing your experiences in this thread, please use spoiler warnings, as the content might be triggering for other survivors.

If you would like to share your experiences anonymously, you can do so through the below-linked Google Form that provides anonymous submission, and the team will post the story here in the thread as "the experiences of a TarValon.Net community member".
The Google Form is >>HERE<<