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[Open] Hiring: Servant of All Team

Erin al'Denael

Keeper of the Chronicles
Aes Sedai
Keeper of the Chronicles
Oct 1, 2002
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A member of the Servant of All Team serves within the Department of Outreach. This position is changing to always be hiring; if you decide to apply and join now, awesome! If you remember this post and join up in a month or two, that's fine as well! This position focuses on assisting with small-scale philanthropic endeavors both for our online and local communities. Time spent in this role counts toward the Staff Merit. Members will report directly to the Servant of All Coordinator (SoAC).

  • You must be a member in good standing within the community.
  • Experience in philanthropic endeavors is a plus, but not required.
  • Be a team player; be willing to assist with ideas that are not your own.
Duties and Responsibilities:
  • Actively participate in the planning and execution of pop-up events through the Servant of All fora (private and public)
  • Give insight into larger site-wide events within the department, such as brainstorming fundraising initiatives
  • Assist with current and future activities
  • Time commitment will vary week-to-week (2-3 hours per week)
How to Apply:
To apply for this position, please send an email with the subject “APPLICATION - SERVANT OF ALL TEAM - YOUR NAME” to outreach@tarvalon.net and keeper@tarvalon.net detailing your interest in the position, as well as any ideas you have for the position.

If you are interested on being on the team, please apply even if you don't feel you have the experience. Reach out to @Nebka Galyn with any questions. As members of TarValon.Net many of us are already servants of all within our own communities or are through our actions. This team is a great way to get involved in the community without having prior experience. We can help guide you! Also, input, ideas and creativity are always encouraged on our team. If you have the need to help, this is the team for you!