Zalina al' Vyrane

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  • Oh, I think I should mention - in the books of Wheel of Time, there is no space after al', so it'd be al'Vyrane, not al' Vyrane. :pleased-1:
    Hello, Moirane!

    We, the Welcoming Committee, apologise for this belated official welcome to our community. I am glad that you have reached out to some of us already, and I am here to give you some additional information. You can find answers to basically any questions you might have in the Membership Manual. If, after reading, there are more things left unclear, feel free to message me and I will more than gladly help you out. :)

    Enjoy your day!
    :laugh: Well, normally you don't really have to beg people. My best advice is to get to know some Senior Members during your time as a Citizen. We can be found all over the place. Once you become a citizen, you will have access to quite a few more forums as well as the ability to send private messages as opposed to just sending visitor messages. ;)
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