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  • hey Zad, When did you say that get together in salt lake is for all the Tar Valon Citizens? I need to make sure I get work off
    ok, so, about my avatar thing, it was going to be Completely different, but I couldn't get it to re-size and be the right, so actually my avatar is very similar to my actual person (as you know) except its prettier. still, blond hair, blue eyes. not what I was planning, but that's alright.
    hey there and welcome to the site! I'm the Mayor here and just wanted to drop by :) Before you apply for Citizenship you will need to change your avatar to something more human. If you need any help just let me know, there is also an avatar thread with more info on size. :)
    Thankyou so much!

    Im glad there is so much help here. And wonderful people. I will definitly use you as a resource im sure Kitan Sedai will get sick of my insessant questions after a while :P thanks!

    Hi Zad! :)

    My name is Jahily al'Karee, and I'm a member of the Welcome Committee. We are so glad to have you as a part of the TarValon community! Please visitor message me at any time if you need any help finding your way around.

    Some good places to start are the stickies in the introduction section (where you posted your thread). Also if you click on the Library and go through the membership manual that has a lot of great info. Click here. And of course you have Kitan Sedai to help you!

    Once you have 25 posts you can apply for Citizenship, which will grant you access to more places on the site.

    Again, welcome and enjoy yourself!!
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