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  • Congrats on getting more than 25 posts!! And thanks for the link on my VMs :) :hug Can't wait til you get full citizenship!
    thanks, it looks kind of sissy, girly, but the awesome one wasn't working out and the next best one was from a non-use artist. so its its actually the third on my list. its still cool, even if it looks like a little girl :D
    Hi! I'm a member of the welcoming committee so consider this your official welcome to Tar Valon :pleased-1: You've picked a good place to be whether just starting the series as you are or you've read them all a bunch of times, the people here are really cool and many of us have found good friends here, so its not just a fan site :giggle
    Definitely browse around and post wherever you wish, most people are mindful of spoilers so you shouldn't have to worry about that! Once you get to 25 posts you can apply to be a Citizen of Tar Valon, and from there you can apply to join the Tower itself :) Once you are a citizen the fun really begins because you will have access to more forums, and can even join some groups or take classes :swordy

    If you have any questions at all feel free to ask, I'm here as your guide throughout your time here :) So welcome again and see you around!
    Thanks, I'm super new at this, i am just finishing the first book, but I figured I could start this in the mean time cause its ganna take me a while to get the motivation to be able to write stuff on here, I'm not a huge blogger type person so I don't imagine I will do that much better with the forums but, we will see.
    I am pretty new to this but i have read all the books, if ever you want to chat feel free to message me.
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