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  • hey thanks, I just looked you up, I will be reading them next weekend maybe :pleased-1: looking forward to it, more people need to write WoT fanfiction, so if you know anyone else or stories that are good please let me know through here so I can look it up as well, cheers
    Can you please send me a PM or leave me a visitor message with some of your WoT fanfiction?! Please, sounds amazing. I'll be on Oulu this Christmas visiting my best friend who is studying electrical engineering, I got him started on WoT last year :)
    Hello, Mirindyn!

    I'm Theolyn, a member of the welcome committee! :pleased-1: I suppose you already understand the way this site works, since you mentioned that only the account is new, but if you do have some questions please don't hesitate to ask me, or my colleagues - Roheryn Galghandhrei and Mirandha Laflor - if I'm not around, because my internet connection often fails :facepalm

    Welcome back, and have fun! :D

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