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Almira ni'Caldazare

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  • Thanks, Ajailyn! I've lived in Missouri my whole life but in different areas.
    I was born in St. Louis, raised in St. Charles, went to college in Cape Girardeau and Rolla and spent summers in Fredrickson.
    HI!, Just wanted to drop you a note saying hello, I'm in the Kansas City area of MO.. not very many of us in the MO area.. a few but not many and half aren't active outside of their own ajah forums. Welcome!
    I already posted in "what are you reading" thread and was surprised to see such a variety of answers! Some people just read and re-read wheel of time and fantasies while others are reading classic literature and mysteries. It seems like every genre was represented.
    Everyone is really welcoming! Most of my interactions have been on the forum posts (I am still working on the 25 posts to be a citizen). It seems like every post has a reply -- even if it is just to say thank you for posting!
    Thank you, Kass! There are already several people on TarValon.net who have given me some good advice. Everyone here is just so welcoming!
    Hi Almira ,

    I am Kassidy (Kass for short) I am here to welcome you to our Community I am on the Welcome Committee for this term . Sorry I am late on welcoming you here . I am just coming back from Vacation . If you have any questions or just want to chat shoot me a Visitor Message .

    I know you will love it here ! :hug
    Your Tar Valon account should be the only one you need to post on the forums. You just have not been authorized yet is my guess.
    The membership manual will be really useful - I have found myself returning there often whenever I have questions. Sometimes I can't find an answer and so I will PM someone who I know can help me....and sometimes I just missed the answer somewhere on the site :p

    Glad you are sticking around!
    Hey Almira! Just dropping by to see if I could help with anything! Please let me know I would happy to answer any questions or show you around!
    If you want to get a feel for the process here it really helps to go through the membership manual in the Library!
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