SoA 2024 3rd Quarter Focus: Sexual Assault Awareness [CW: Sexual Assault & Abuse]

Seryse ni Cousland

Aes Sedai
Jan 18, 2014
Georgia, USA
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(Programming Note: The Servant of All Team is trying out a switch to a quarterly focus topic that will allow us to spend more time on important issues, such as sexual assault awareness. Our plan for the quarter is that July will include informational posts, August will have a group read of Know My Name by Chanel Miller (many thanks to Adina al’Mari for this fantastic suggestion), and September will focus on ways you can get involved.)


Sexual violence is sexual contact or behavior that takes place without the enthusiastic, informed consent of the victim. Sexual violence can take many forms, such as sexual harassment, stalking, internet-based sexual harassment or coercion, unwanted sexual touching, or any form of sexual interaction that involves force – whether that be physical force, psychological force, coercion, manipulation, or threat.

The #MeToo movement that swept social media in 2017 revealed some of the scope of the issue:

(Sexual assault occurs worldwide, across all demographic variables, such as: gender, culture, and age. That being said, I am based in America and my sources are American organizations, such as RAINN and NSVRC. The following statistics are findings from American research.)

-Every 68 seconds, someone is sexually assaulted.
-1 out of every 6 women is a victim of an attempted rape or completed rape. Rates are higher for BIPOC women than white women.
1-10 men is a victim of sexual violence in the United States.
-3 in 5 (almost 60%) of both lesbian women and gay men reported experiencing contact sexual violence.
-4 in 5 (almost 80%) bisexual women and over 56% of bisexual men reported experiencing contact sexual violence in their lifetimes.
-21% of TGQN (transgender, genderqueer, nonconforming) college students have been sexually assaulted, compared to 18% of non-TGQN females, and 4% of non-TGQN males.
-63,000 children in America a year are sexually abused. Most of these victims (about 66%) are 12-17.
-55% of sexual assault takes place at the victim’s home.
-80,000 inmates are sexually assaulted each year in America, 60% of which is perpetrated by staff or guards.

Regardless of what sexual violence looks like or to who it happens, it is never the survivor's fault.

Please know that the Servant of All Team strives to make Tar Valon a safe and inclusive place. Should you wish to reach out to us regarding this post for any reason at all, please contact our coordinator, Arinna Katal, in whatever way is most convenient for you (forum PM, Discord DM, email to