1. Kerna Shedrian

    Kerna Shedrian Aes Sedai

    Mar 20, 2002
    Dublin, Ireland
    It is not necessary to respond to this thread, but everyone who participates in book discussions is expected to read and adhere by these rules.

    1. This forum is only for books 1 – 13. Any spoilers or information from books 14 and New Spring will be moved or deleted as soon as they are found by a moderator.

    2. Please do not begin multiple threads on one topic. It is a good idea to scan over the last few pages or so to make sure that there are not too many threads on the same topic.

    3. Please use a thread title that clearly indicates what the thread is about.

    4. Please don’t use netspeak; proper English will get your ideas across much more coherently. Titles using netspeak will be edited to a more appropriate title; entire posts made up of netspeak will likely be locked or deleted.

    If you have any questions about what is appropriate in this forum, feel free to post them here or to contact one of the forum moderators.