Post-AMoL Theories/Predictions/Headcanons?

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    ***Spoiler warning for the whole darn series <3***

    One of the things I find myself thinking about a lot is how the world would evolve post-AMoL. I have sooooo many thoughts, ranging from how Cadsuane would deal with the Hall of the Tower to what would happen with the Asha'man to the fate of Shara. And of course, where does Rand go with his new set of legs (and hand)?

    What are some of your favorite theories about what goes on in the Westlands?
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    I have two very different ideas of how Cadsuane works as the Amyrlin.

    Either she continues Egwenes good work, and works on the exchange program with the Windfinders and Wise Ones, and having the novice book open for all ages, or she converts totally back to conservatism, undoing all her work and still insists that Aes Sedai is better than all others.

    I hope the first of course :look It may also be that enough of the Sitters are in Egwenes camp still and that her legend will live on strong enough that anything she has done cannot be undone...