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    Apr 20, 2009
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    The Officers & Executives (basically, the TarValon.Net leadership) meet each quarter of the year to discuss the current “State of TarValon” and make decisions on any significant changes we want to make.

    We held our second quarter Executive Meeting today, during which we approved several changes. We will be introducing a new vision & mission statement for TarValon.Net, and making adjustments in various areas to better align with this new strategy. Our vision describes our aspirations for the future, the mission clarifies the purpose for our community, and the cornerstones of the vision show how we bring that mission to life. The details of how we will improve our community to support this mission are being documented so we can share them as announcements over the next few weeks.

    Our immediate priority is addressing the underlying issues with the Current Events forum, and our first announcement will contain the detailed plan for those changes. Please watch Site Announcements tomorrow for those details.