Does Tar Valon [Times] have a YouTube account?

Blu al'Eloquene

Resident Citizen
May 12, 2010
Hi hi,

It's me again. This time I'm wondering if Tar Valon, or more so our news outlet, has an official YouTube channel? Aside from Twitter, do we utilize any other convergent journalism in that manner, or are their realms of exploration waiting to be established on that front?

I used to handle/manage our online radio before the plug was pulled for copyright issues, and I really enjoyed that aspect of and involvement in the community. Since then, as most know, I have done a lot of disappearing acts, but I think that if there were opportunities to expand in this field I would feel excited and apt to contribute more consistently to our lovely little network.

Any information--regarding current projects, interests, previous attempts or otherwise--would be greatly appreciated! :D

Also, if you are someone who doesn't have the answers but are still interested, what would you like to see Tar Valon expand upon regarding convergent journalism and/or online events, news and entertainment?

Mhor Blathnaid

Aes Sedai
May 12, 2010
Canberra, Australia
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No official Youtube account as yet. I would suggest speaking with both Kyth as Director and our lovely Tower Voices for more info.
Oct 23, 2003
Portland, OR
A YouTube channel is currently under discussion! Thanks to Blu for emailing me some of her thoughts.

It has been brought up a few times previously as well, but there are copyright and privacy issues related to any video channel we might maintain, so it's something we have to plan and consider carefully.

Our current social media outlets include:
- blogs/news feeds here on our site (Site News; Tar Valon Times; Exec Blog; Road to AMoL)
- Facebook fan page
- Twitter

There are the beginnings of a Pinterest account in the works, but we face some issues similar to YouTube there. We may also build out a Google+ page in the future if it looks like this will be an effective form of media for us.