Lugh of the Vanth

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  • It'd be nice to see you- and I'm sure I speak for the entire group.

    Are you not able to send PMs? :scratch And are you returning as a Cit, or were you looking to come back at your former rank? (I only ask because if you wanna to come back at Gaidin, you'll need to get in touch with Sa'.)
    Hmph. :tug

    You've received a public trouting- let that be a lesson to you! It just came as a bit of a surprise and, well, you know me and surprises.

    And I didn't forward anything about Ren Faire because I thought Liz told me that it was the ONLY weekend in season you guys couldn't make it. :scratch :( But if you can, it'd be nice to see you again- Jim and I are bringing the twins. :) They're slightly larger than they were last time you saw them. :look:
    :trout :trout :trout :trout

    This is how you tell me you returned to the site? :arch :tug (And Barbie, by the looks of it...)

    You numpty. :facepalm

    So are you going to stay in DM, or what? And is Liz going to join? You do also realize that, regardless of the fact that I have Ozzy and Dom, I still claim first dibs on you. (Prolly have the merits in place anyway by now... :scratch) Even though you are TERRIBLE at communication. :trout

    *grumpy GGM is grumpy*
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