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  • Sorry we have a limit on Visitor Messages. this is the end of the first post .

    The Community is really fun , so for right now you have plenty of time getting around the Community and make sure you enjoy each Rank. :halo :joy :hug We also have a Chat room go to Home page then go to Site Resources and scroll down to Live Chat (Irc) and a lot of Ajah's and Companies have open chat , The only Ajah that don't have open chat is the Blue Ajah .

    Talk soon,
    Hello Kavi,
    I know what you mean about reading and not wanting to put the books down , I would have to read til I fell asleep on top of the book. :giggles There is nothing wrong with being like Nynaeve in my eyes she is a strong person.

    Yes, the Ajahs are different from the books. Here is the way to view the Ajah's Head Quarter pages along with the Companies HQ pages, Click on the Home page and then go to Membership Groups and at the bottom of the Intro page you can click on the link to the HQ page and read about what the Ajah has done . Right now I am the Greens Librarian , I love the job so much, I fill out the HQ page and the other stuff I do :pleased-1: .

    Once you become a Citizen you will gain access to the Classroom Forum and they have Ajah's classes and you can learn about them and read the past classes . You will learn about them that way . Along with other forums and talking to people .
    Hello Kavindra,
    I am Kassidy (Kass for short) I am here to welcome you to our Community . I am on the Welcome Committee for this term . If you have any questions or just want to chat shoot me a Visitor Message . How did you get into the series ?

    I like making friends , I look forward to getting to know you better . :) I am a Green Aspirant like Roh . one of my SIL(Sister~in~law) keep telling me I need to read these books I reminded her of Nynaeve :giggles said SIL is on the site ,she is a Novice . Her name is Owenaleah .

    I don't think you will be ignore here . :halo

    Enjoy exploring the Community you can see .

    Talk soon,:hug
    You won't have that problem here! You might end up leaving because you have too many friends!

    I joke, I joke. But we're all very friendly and try our best to make new members feel welcome. Hence the reason that most of us don't bite... hard... ;)
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