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    Happy birthday fellow Lancastrian..
    "Bro, I have 32-bit Windows 7. I need 64-bit to game.
    How to get 64 bit ? Will I get it if I install it twice? "
    - Yes... Install twice... You will also get Windows 14.
    WOOO, visitor!! :D

    Oh don't worry dear, I have conversations with myself all the time!
    Well... with my dogs really, but they never listen, so that's a case of semantics really :) Interrupt away!
    It has! Why, just the other day I was thinking to myself "look at this awful weather, everything is being blown about, those poor people who have to go through this. Just awful. "
    Oh I'm fine, thank you so much for asking, that is so kind.
    Hasn't the weather been absolutely awful this week?
    oh look, I can actually visit myself, how odd! That is like having split personalities talking to each other.
    So how are you today Inanna?
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