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  • Added! Glad to have you on board :) Going to try to do some more recruiting here once I get approved as a citizen I think, but feel free to suggest it to anyone you think would be interested :)
    Hello Charis!

    Tis I, the (cosplay) artist formerly known as Toronto_Matrim_Cauthon! (I stole that title idea for its awesomeness!) Anyway, I wanted to let you know that I have actually started a Toronto cosplay group for Wheel of Time. There are 3 members so far and I was hoping you, Egwene, would agree to be our 4th :) There'sf no commitment required. You can come to any events and photoshoots you like but you never have to. Very flexible, I just want to have a good time with other fans :) Let me know, I have a facebook group dedicated to it now and I'm working on recruiting!

    Hope you like the idea :)

    ~ Madrin
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