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Carina al'Sim

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  • Welcome to Tar Valon, Carina!

    I'm Amarande Gaidin of Dai M'Hael, Outreach Activities Coordinator, Mayor's Warder, and also of our awesome Welcoming Committee! I'm glad to see you have already started to make yourself well at home and have even already met the 25 post requirement for Citizenship of Tar Valon. Please take a moment to check out our Membership Manual (click on the "Library" link that's next to the Forum in the top bar, then you'll be at a Wiki and right below the site logo in the top left will be a menu with the Membership Manual as one of the options) to get acquainted with our rules and regulations and how to advance into full Tower Membership at the site, should you choose to.

    If you'd like to talk or have any questions, feel free to Visitor Message me. We're glad you joined Tar Valon and hope you continue to enjoy your time here. :)
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