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    1. Ebona din Casei
      Ebona din Casei
      My apologies, but the topics discussed were deemed too controversial for the forum you posted it in. It simply didn't belong there, especially the way the thread was progressing. I understand that this is inconvenient for you, but applying for citizenship is really very simple. Just check out the link I gave you. And then you'll have access to Current Events and can continue the discussion there.

      While you wait for your application for citizen to be handled, please feel free to post in other threads around the boards and start new threads yourself. If you have any questions about what threads belong in which forum, please turn to the Welcoming Committee and they will help you out. There is also a lot of good information in the Introductions forum.
    2. Ebona din Casei
      Ebona din Casei
      Hello. :) Your thread about Philosophy has been moved to the Current Events forum, because some very controversial topics were being discussed. I would usually send you this message in a PM, but as you aren't a citizen yet you don't have access to PMs. You may find your thread here: http://www.tarvalon.net/showthread.php?10477-Discussions-in-Philosophy For posting in the Current Events forum, you need to request access. Please e-mail moderators@tarvalon.net as soon as you become a citizen, and you'll be granted that access. :) (As for how to become a citizen, check out this thread: http://www.tarvalon.net/showthread.php?7219-How-do-I-become-a-Citizen ). Good luck here at tarvalon.net, an please ask if you have any questions. :) Respectfully, Ebona din Casei
    3. Syera Faelron
      Syera Faelron
      Hey there Wittinator,

      I am one of the welcoming committee type people here. Feel free to bug me about, anythinf. To become a citizen you need 25 posts and there is a link to the form in the introduction thread. This will enable you access to more threads and so on.

      Enjoy :)

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