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    What did we not get to see in the books that you would like to see in the show?

    YES he better be flourishing that cloak!!! If people are not rolling their eyes every time he comes on screen, then Luca is not sufficiently Too Much.
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    Ahoy the camp

    Hello and welcome!
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    Claire Al’Rahien - You have been summoned!

    YAY CLAIRE, welcome to the Tower!!! Congrats!
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    Nice to meet you

    Hellooooooooo and welcome!!
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    Hello and welcome!
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    Shaun al'Ruley - You have been summoned!

    Congrats!! Welcome to the Tower!
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    Hello Everyone!

    Hello and welcome to the site! It was so great to meet you and have a lovely chat while waiting to carry burgers! :laugh:
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    Congratulations, Tel'aran'rhisnore!

    So well-deserved, y’all!! Congrats!
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    Welcome Arinna Sedai

    AHHHHHHHHH this is going in my sig as soon as I get home from Anni! Thanks so much, everyone!! I am very excited and happy! :gray1:
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    Hello again : )

    Hello and welcome back!
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    [Open] Hiring: Tar Valon Times Staff

    :look: :look: :look:
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    [Open] Hiring: Tar Valon Times Staff

    HEY @Aintza Bisera do y'all need copy editor type people? Asking for a friend :look:
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    Congratulations to our new Servant of All Team!

    Congrats everyone!! What a great team!