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  1. Illyria Corinye
    Illyria Corinye Zandera Sommers
    Zandera, I love you and miss you.
  2. Lok Sionn
    Lok Sionn
    I'm everywhere...watching you.
  3. Jarl Lewin
    Jarl Lewin LaBelle Maighenn
    Happy birthday, Labbie!
    1. LaBelle Maighenn
      LaBelle Maighenn
      thank you very much
      Jun 19, 2018 at 1:57 AM
  4. Jarl Lewin
  5. Jarl Lewin
    Jarl Lewin Delenn Magelan
    Happy birthday!
  6. Alora Sionn
    Alora Sionn Leo Kian
    1. Leo Kian
      Leo Kian
      Thanks, Alora!
      Jun 13, 2018
  7. Jarl Lewin
    Jarl Lewin Leo Kian
    Happy birthday!
    1. Leo Kian
      Leo Kian
      Thanks :D
      Jun 12, 2018
  8. Thaddius al'Guy
    Thaddius al'Guy Adanys Wynterwulf
    I've added you on discord, I'm Bururian!
  9. Tsubasa Kamui
    Tsubasa Kamui Lyara Tieran
    I cannot believe that you are not following me...I feel so unloved :look

    Okay, what are your thoughts of getting knocked up to have a baby? :lol My clock is ticking, and seriously I feel like I'm missing something.
    Anyway, crazy question I know. <3 love you sis
  10. Jarl Lewin
    Jarl Lewin Kymo Ambray
    Happy birthday!
    1. Kymo Ambray
      Kymo Ambray
      Thank you :)
      Jun 7, 2018
  11. LaBelle Maighenn
    LaBelle Maighenn
    {LaBelle Maighenn}
  12. LaBelle Maighenn
    LaBelle Maighenn
    {LaBelle Maighenn}
  13. Jarl Lewin
    Jarl Lewin Cynan Machae
    Happy birthday! I love your Pop-Tart kitty avvie ^^
  14. Jarl Lewin
  15. Arie Davion
    Arie Davion
    Slow Spiralling into the Abyss... oh wait. I live here.
  16. Arie Davion
    Arie Davion Raeviendha al'Toma
    *Takes a casual moment to stuff you in with her other Tittens* Because. <3
    1. Raeviendha al'Toma
      Raeviendha al'Toma
      AW! *snuggles*
      May 31, 2018
  17. Jarl Lewin
    Jarl Lewin Onis O'Leia
    Happy birthday, Onis Sedai! Many years!
  18. Jarl Lewin
    Jarl Lewin Kethaana Nia Khamara
    Happy birthday!
    1. Kethaana Nia Khamara
      Kethaana Nia Khamara
      Thank you! ^^
      May 27, 2018
  19. Jarl Lewin
    Jarl Lewin Asandra al'Terra
    Happy birthday, Asandra Sedai! Many years!
    1. Asandra al'Terra
      Asandra al'Terra
      Thank you, Jarl!
      May 28, 2018
  20. Kisara BlackRose
    Kisara BlackRose
    I am but a black rose, sitting in a sea of pink and red