Winter's Heart bk9 (possible spoilers)

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  1. Maiel Sanvar

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    Sep 11, 2019
    What is everyone's thoughts on Winter's Heart? I am starting to get confused about the Seanchan and can't remember what they did in Tanchico? Elayne and Aviendha near sisters and the ritual.. Why did they decide to do this? I am not against this at all just comes sudden but near sisters and sisterhood is discussed often.. so much to track. Lastly Nynaeve has she decided on an Ajah did I miss something mentions of her wearing a shawl so?? I am only on ch 9.
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    If I remember correctly, Tanchico was invaded and taken over by the Seanchan - they make everyone swear the new oaths but leave everything else pretty much normal. The Panarch and son are still in their positions, just have to acknowledge the Seanchan as the overall boss.

    As for Elayne and Aviendha - since Aviendha is Aiel, the bond of being first-sisters is really important to her. Also that way they can both marry Rand. But they don't want him to come between them and their relationship, so they become first-sisters, closer than just friends.