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  1. Cursor Wrathwind

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    Oct 6, 2003
    Madrid, Spain
    Just picked up a hardcover copy of the Chinese sci-fi (in English translation) anthology Invisible Planets, signed by not one but two Hugo Award winners (Ken Liu and Hao Jingfang), in a Hong Kong bookshop :D
  2. Bruce al'Kay

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    Aug 30, 2018
    Has anyone read Gideon the Ninth? Recommend?
  3. Brienen Ruthegar

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    May 12, 2010
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    I just finished Peace Talks (the newest book in the Dresden Files) by Jim Butcher, and A Killing Frost (The newest book in the October Daye series) by Seanan McGuire.

    Next onto American Demon (The newest book in the rebooted Hallows series) by Kim Harrison
  4. Kassina Tendar

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    Feb 22, 2012
    Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
    I haven't read Gideon the Ninth myself, but I've heard good things about it from a book podcast I listen to. :cheese Sorry, I'm not helpful. :p

    spoiler for semi-lengthy fangirling over one of my favorite authors :giggle
    So I talked awhile back about reading The Poppy War (and its sequel, the Dragon Empire) by R.F. Kuang. The 3rd book in the trilogy is coming out in November this year and the author recently did a stream on instagram where she did a drunk recap of the Poppy War. :lol

    So I loved the first two books in the trilogy, but they're rather dark a lot of the time. It's loosely based on historical events surrounding the first Sino-Japanese War, including several depictions of war crimes. It's not the focus of the book, but the author is a Chinese history scholar and pulled a lot of the details from historical records.

    ANYWAY, this is my first time seeing her outside of her author photo in the book and my first time hearing her talk and I kinda love the books even more now after seeing her! :lol She's such an energetic and excitable person. Near the start of the stream, someone in the comments pointed out stuffed animals in the background, so her boyfriend slowly started adding more stuffed animals to the shot. :lol And at one point she was trying to describe something in the book and could only think to describe it as "fictional squirrel track runners", accompanied by gestures and reenactments from her and her boyfriend. :rofl


    And then went on about how embarrassing it'd be to put romance/sex scenes in her novels since her parents read them. :lol
    "No.... I can't write a novella and not tell my dad... he like reads all my tweets!!" :$

    Anyway, she seems like a delightful person who is passionate about history, social justice, and the importance of perspective in stories. And unabashedly has ALL THE FEELS when writing and talking about her books. :) Getting to see her on video is making her rocket up my list of favorite authors. ^^ :rofl