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    Hello. I am Aduiavas and I am you moderator for this term together with Elania

    Here are the updated recommendations for the Non-WOT Literature and Fiction Forum. It is not necessary to respond to this thread if you do not wish to do so, but everyone who participates in book discussions is expected to read and adhere by these rules.

    1. This forum is for discussion about any books outside of the Wheel of Time series. Threads on the Wheel of Time should be posted in the appropriate forum (Books 1 – 8 or Book 14). Discussions about anything written by Brandon Sanderson should be posted in his own dedicated forum.

    2. Duplicated topics will be locked or merged.

    3. Please use a thread title that clearly indicates what the thread is about.

    4. No netspeak; proper spelling and grammar are greatly appreciated.

    5. If you think something might be a spoiler, it probably is. Please use the spoiler button under the + sign in the toolbar above. If not we may have to edit your post and do it for you :|

    If you have any questions, do not hestitate to ask a moderator, either here on the forum or via PM.
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