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    Hiya everyone! This is a post for information purposes only so no need to R&R. :D

    So what is this forum for? It's for all news, Wheel of Time related! Keep updated with news on Brandon Sanderson, Memory of Light, TOR Books, and much more. Anything you think should be shared with the community this is your place to post and discuss!

    Who can post here? Anyone! Please feel free to post any Wheel of Time news you see. Please be sure to use spoiler tags if you discuss any spoilers in your post and post a source or author of any articles.

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    If you think a story is really important and you haven't seen it on our Facebook or Twitter accounts, please feel free to PM myself or Mhor, or email us at towervoice@tarvalon.net and we will post it as soon as possible.

    Finally if you have questions or concerns about what you see in this forum, you can contact either of the Tower Voices (Loraella or Mhor) at towervoice@tarvalon.net or by PM, or contact any of the other moderators of this forum.

    Thanks, and enjoy this forum!
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    Have updated to show myself and the second Tower Voice :)